Tuesday, June 2, 2009

more change

So the Bunnings thing didnt work out,
I got so far and they told me I had the job
Then all of a sudden I didnt :(

Moved back home with mum now which is for the best.
We get along great and Im allowed to do whatever I want aslong as I clean up after myself, and i dont even really do that! hehe

I think I will miss out on clubbing this week, I want to get my room sorted out at mums, do something completley different with it to keep it interesting.

Im thinking of a Nikki Sixx / Motley Crue shrine with all of my merch and what not, but then i saw my bedside table and realised I already kinda had that haha
This is it... Obsessed much?

Hopefully I can get a job with my mum at the hospital. I need money like a whore needs crack hahaha. The only thing is I will have to get up rediculously early!! MY BODY CANT HANDLE THAT!!!

I mainly want money so I can start buying myself things for ONCE in my life, and buy clothes that fit.
I wouldnt mind a few Ebay items I have had my eye on for a while... mostly Motley Crue related. Discovered i need $500 to complete my vinyl collection alone!

Maybe Ill just start off with a mug and a Motley Crue throw rug that I saw

off to sleep to dream of money


Monday, May 18, 2009

Brutal Harcore Beauties

Brutal Hardcore Beauties is an Alternative Modelling site I applied for in February.
I have decided I need a new Exclusive BHB shoot is in order.

My friend Danni has agreed to help me out with the shoot.
We are discussing locations - Glenelg, if weather permits - and costumes.
A good friend of mine Krystle has agreed to let me raid her wardrobe and all of her costumes. Due to her being a regular at Flashdance (Dress up 80's 90's themed nights at HQ) she has alot to pick from.
Im thinking naughty nurse-ish. Still deciding

On another note, looks like I am going to start bringing in the Cash.
My old job has finally paid me my annual leave after 2 months of kicking and screaming. Although all except for $100 goes to other people because it took so long to come through.
That should tie me over for a while, food shopping and a night out is in order!

I had yet another interview at Bunnings, that was like my 4th interview.
I have been told that I pretty much have a job, they just have to decide where they are putting me. Fingers crossed at night fill because partying will not be a problem hahaha.

Steady money means steady food, hopefully some new clothes for myself and less stress
Steady hours means more time to spend with my friends, ill be working my arse off on weekends so hopefully I can get one day a week off so i can have a big one through the week.

So hopefully things start working out for me and i can de-stress


The First Blog

For my first blog I would like to share my success in losing all my extra weight

I weighed myself today I have lost 34 kilos 4/5 months

No more back pain, knee pain, ankle pain
No more struggle to walk from room to room :P
I can go to clothes stores now and clothes fit me, no more depressing shopping trips!
I am happy here where I am now, Loving healthy food and cooking.

Not wanting junk food anymore... and my exercise is going out dancing with my friends!
Its Great!

Its amazing how you aim higher for yourself when you have more confidence in yourself.

So here is to being healthy and happy!