Tuesday, June 2, 2009

more change

So the Bunnings thing didnt work out,
I got so far and they told me I had the job
Then all of a sudden I didnt :(

Moved back home with mum now which is for the best.
We get along great and Im allowed to do whatever I want aslong as I clean up after myself, and i dont even really do that! hehe

I think I will miss out on clubbing this week, I want to get my room sorted out at mums, do something completley different with it to keep it interesting.

Im thinking of a Nikki Sixx / Motley Crue shrine with all of my merch and what not, but then i saw my bedside table and realised I already kinda had that haha
This is it... Obsessed much?

Hopefully I can get a job with my mum at the hospital. I need money like a whore needs crack hahaha. The only thing is I will have to get up rediculously early!! MY BODY CANT HANDLE THAT!!!

I mainly want money so I can start buying myself things for ONCE in my life, and buy clothes that fit.
I wouldnt mind a few Ebay items I have had my eye on for a while... mostly Motley Crue related. Discovered i need $500 to complete my vinyl collection alone!

Maybe Ill just start off with a mug and a Motley Crue throw rug that I saw

off to sleep to dream of money



  1. Well Hello welcome to blogland.... what made you do this???? fed up wiyh myspace??

  2. Welcome to Blogland Metalmistress :))
    Keeping your room tidy might be good, cos then I wouldnt get soooo scared walking past it to get to the toilet :)