Monday, May 18, 2009

Brutal Harcore Beauties

Brutal Hardcore Beauties is an Alternative Modelling site I applied for in February.
I have decided I need a new Exclusive BHB shoot is in order.

My friend Danni has agreed to help me out with the shoot.
We are discussing locations - Glenelg, if weather permits - and costumes.
A good friend of mine Krystle has agreed to let me raid her wardrobe and all of her costumes. Due to her being a regular at Flashdance (Dress up 80's 90's themed nights at HQ) she has alot to pick from.
Im thinking naughty nurse-ish. Still deciding

On another note, looks like I am going to start bringing in the Cash.
My old job has finally paid me my annual leave after 2 months of kicking and screaming. Although all except for $100 goes to other people because it took so long to come through.
That should tie me over for a while, food shopping and a night out is in order!

I had yet another interview at Bunnings, that was like my 4th interview.
I have been told that I pretty much have a job, they just have to decide where they are putting me. Fingers crossed at night fill because partying will not be a problem hahaha.

Steady money means steady food, hopefully some new clothes for myself and less stress
Steady hours means more time to spend with my friends, ill be working my arse off on weekends so hopefully I can get one day a week off so i can have a big one through the week.

So hopefully things start working out for me and i can de-stress


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